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Writing with Pen

ABA Study Sidekick

Tired of drill and kill approaches to learning? Our modules are designed to be interactive and engaging with gamified and simulation based strategies. Learn on the go, track your progress, connect with other aspiring behavior analysts, and pass that exam! We believe that studying is more than passing the exam, it is preparing you to be the best clinician for your learners. 

Sidekick Interactive Modules (SIM)

Our modules are scaffolded to move you from basic to complex concepts to promote generativity. Our modules are interactive- no more zoning out while listening to lectures!


Say All Fast Minute Every Day Shuffle. Track your progress with fluency based measures!



Use our visuals and tools to take studying on the go!

Mock Exams

Mini Mocks in each module and THREE full length Mocks covering the 5th Edition Task List to track your progress as you study! Review your results and use the exams as a study tool! 

Data Based Decision Tools

Track your competencies on the 5th Edition Task List concepts and visually analyze your progress with graphs!

Discussion Forums

Have a question or want to make a connection? Use our discussion boards along other Trainees. Find your community and study together! 

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Writing with Pen
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