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ABA Supervision Sidekick

Are you a Trainee, feeling alone during your fieldwork supervision? Want to make sure you are learning all that you can? Or are you a supervisor, looking to provide the highest quality supervision to you can but feel strapped for time and resources? Make the most out of your Fieldwork Experience with our community, curriculum, and resources.


Connect with other ABA Trainees during live networking meetings and discussion boards. Track your progress with Monthly Mock exams, digital SAFMEDS, self-assessment rubrics, custom Unique Documentation System, and our 5th Edition Task List Tracker. Need unrestricted hours? Our signature Learn It, Try It, Apply It system provides you with the background knowledge, application tasks, and self-assessment rubrics so that you can practice skills with your clients. 

Sidekick Interactive Modules (SIM)

Early on in your program or need more help with foundations? Our modules cover all areas of the task list in an interactive, gamified format that helps your to apply what you learn.

Live Meetings

We aren't your supervisor, but we can still help you to make the most of your experience! Connect with other ABA Trainees with the support of a BCBA guide during networking and problem solving sessions. 


Use our Unique Documentation System, SAFMEDS, sample forms, and templates to make getting your hours a breeze. 

Application Tasks

Our application tasks are scaffolded to help you apply what you've learned to your actual clients for unrestricted hours. Use our rubrics and tracker with your supervisor to track your progress.

Data Based Progress Monitoring

We provide you with a new 75-question Mock each month, a progress tracker that you can use to visually analyze your progress across tasks and concepts, and mini Mocks for each module. Graph your progress as you go!

Discussion Forums

Have a question or want to make a connection? Use our discussion boards along other Trainees. Find your community. 

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Working on Laptop
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