High-quality fieldwork experience

Remote supervision focused on you and your professional goals. 

Remote fieldwork supervision to fit your schedule, individualized to your goals. 

Multiple BCBA supervisors, collaborative group supervision, individualized meetings, and structured unrestricted hours opportunities maximize your learning.

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  • Our Philosophy

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Our Philosophy

We believe that supervision is a vehicle for change. 

We believe that ABA supervision should focus on quality, collaboration, and mutual learning.  

We believe that creating a supportive, affirming environment allows trainees to thrive.


Individual Supervision

1:1 collaboration meetings with your assigned BCBA, with a focus on case conceptualization and collaborative coaching.


Group Meetings

Bi-monthly small group meetings with a cohort where you share ideas, learn about concepts and application, and connect with others.


Video Observations

Record your observations and watch them with your supervisor to meet the monthly requirement and grow your skills. 


Unrestricted Activities

We will help you to maximize unrestricted hours with additional assignments, templates, and resources from our curriculum.


Maximized Hours

Earn up to 130 hours per month! This includes 6.5+ supervised hours and at least 4 contacts with a supervisor per month.



Use your current place of work, collaborate to determine activities, and tailor your experience to your background and interests!



Build your skills and knowledge. We assess your progress throughout so that you leave feeling confident to pass The Exam and practice as a BCBA after supervision! 



We believe that feedback is bi-directional. We will provide you with action-oriented, individualized feedback and we provide avenues for you to do the same for us!



We help you maximize your learning and growth. Learn from bonus presentations on special topics, study groups, and other included opportunities.


Meet our supervisors

Founder/ CEO

Allyson Wharam

Instructional design, supervision and training, School-based ABA

BCBA Supervisor

Jennifer Spilewski

School-based ABA, Precision Teaching, MTSS tiered supports
BCBA Supervisor

Liza Izzo

School-based ABA, Precision Teaching, Behavior Reduction
BCBA Supervisor

Suzanne Juzwik

OBM, Clinic & In-home ABA, Consultation Services


BCBA Supervisor

Carissa Crabtree

In-home ABA, ACT, Complex co-occurrences 

BCBA Supervisor

Claire Gallagher

Gerontology, School-based ABA, Coaching

BCBA Supervisor

Lisa Falke

School-based ABA, Autism, Leadership

Your Supervisor

You will meet with your primary supervisor throughout the month, and they will collaborate with you to set goals and identify activities relevant to you and your setting. You'll be matched based on your interests, goals, and current setting. BCBA supervisors will rotate group supervision to allow you to learn from multiple different BCBAs


Your Schedule

We use a scheduling platform that allows you to pick a meeting time that works with your schedule for individual meetings. Group meetings happen at the same time every month. Once you schedule a meeting, a link is automatically sent to your calendar with the meeting link.


Your Setting

We specialize in remote supervision and can tailor your experience to your current setting, whether you are a teacher, technician, or other professional.


Full-Time Package

$475/ Month

The monthly package includes 6.5+ hours of supervision per month, which allows you to earn up to the max of 130 hours per month. This comes out to about $73 per supervised hour.


The monthly package includes:

  • 3.5 hours of individual supervision with one 30-minute observation

  • 3 hours of group supervision

  • 4-6 contacts per month

  • Bonus group learning opportunities

  • Access to our curriculum, study materials, and resources

  • Email access to your supervisor for questions and feedback


Next steps

1. Complete the Application

If you are a good fit for our current availability and model, we will send you an email to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to determine next steps.


2. Intake Consultation

During this meeting, we will discuss your goals, questions, our model, and important next steps.

3. Sign a Contract

Once you're ready to move forward, we will send you an electronic contract to sign to initiate supervision. Once this is signed, we'll get you enrolled in all of our systems! 

4. Begin Accruing Hours!

We will work with you to create goals and identify activities to focus on within your setting and document your hours. You'll be able to schedule meetings for times that work with your schedule. 

We're here for you every step of the way

Currently accepting new trainees from the following states